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qeeerrreeSobolo is a popular beverage in west African. Nigerians call it Zobo, Bissap in Benin and Senegal  and Womjo in Gambia. Despite the wonderful taste it has, Sobolo also  serves as  herbal supplements to promote health such as decrease in cholesterol, heart disease, prevents prostate cancer and comes packed with anti-oxidants.

Sobolo is prepared locally with dried  hibiscus flowers put  in hot water.  The drink is separated from the flowers;  Sugar and ginger are added. Other  complements such as cinnamon,  grains of paradise, vanilla, mint and cloves could be added. A preferred juice  from fruits such as lemon, pineapple or orange could  also be a great supplement.  It  has  ruby red colour and  tastes a bit grapey.  It is best served chilled and served at various events. Sobolo is so much loved by Africans just  as Coka Cola is in America.