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hotelThe tourism industry in Africa is growing rapidly and so is the emerging of new businesses across Africa. As tourism and businesses grow in Africa,  more people travel to Africa, hence the expansion of  hotels chains in Africa. High-end, mid-scale and budget accommodations are all under development targeting both business and recreational travellers and tourists. As more business travellers visit emerging African countries in pursuit of business success, the hotel sector is  also catching up fast.  This has resulted in  high standards and increasing competition.

Every hotel aims at offering  satisfying deals to its clients for a comeback. However, many  of these hotels leave out basic  but important features  that can help make a hotel stand out regardless of the heat of competition it faces.

A Strong Internet Connection

We are in a technological world  and having a strong internet connection is a great complement to steady electricity. On the contrary, hotels that offer complimentary  Wifi end up giving  weak internet connections.  Hotels could offer free but strong internet access or add it as part of the hotel rates. Thanks to technology, most travellers  have more than one mobile device therefore hotels,  must provide more than one electrical socket to avoid devices,  taking turns to get charged up which could easily translate to good reviews for the hotel.

Indoor Business Centre

When businessmen and women become guests, it is an advantage to create a virtual working environment for them. This in a way will make them choose you over other hotels because they value their work so much. This requires the provision of business equipment such with printers, fax machines, up-to-date computers and scanners amongst others. Providing these services, complimentary or even at a fee for hotel guests would positively result in a number of great reviews and subsequently more profit. Most of them love to stay indoors whilst they work or transact their businesses online.

Interior Gyms & Spa

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.  Engaging the mind so much makes one weak, it is a great way to  create a relaxing environment for guests that have been working long hours since arrival to the hotel. For example Shedding off  some sweat on the treadmill is healthy and having a very good massage after a hard day work soothes the mind and body.  If hotels can provide these facilities for  guests, a lot more recommendations would be made.

Efficient, Attentive Staff Members

Hotels that value their guests offers great room service.  If Guests have to call times without number before a request is responded to, then that hotel should know it has no future business with that guest.  Responding to the requests of guests timely, that the hotel is reliable and that requests are carried out immediately. This is an enabling factor to gain a business traveller’s or a tourist trust for  a comeback.

Hotel Bar And Restaurant.

Apart from the perfect  accommodation,  food and drinks served at the hotel should be of excellent standards. Hotel chefs must be professional in dietary requirements, producing great tasting food and giving special  attention for vegetarians and even vegan requirements too. When it comes to smoothies, it should always be the best in town.