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Your Hospitality Business Just Got 3 Times Better

Benefits of a Totally Integrated Hotel ERP – WINHMS

  • Single database – a truly integrated enterprise class solution should run on a single database. This has numerous benefits for the hotel. A single database does away with the additional investment in maintaining multiple servers, software and license related to it. It also does away with multiple data entry and errors that result from entering data multiple times. A single database ensures data consistency across departments of your hotel.
  • Information consistency and accuracy across hotel departments – With integrated hotel software that runs on a single database, information entered by the front office will be accessible to the accounting department, housekeeping department and vice-versa. It also reduces work for your staff and ensures data consistency and accuracy.
  • Reduced hardware, software and license renewal investment – truly integrated hotel software means your IT manager is interacting with just one company to ensure the hotel software is up and running at all times. If you have different software for different departments, be sure to allocate plenty of time to negotiate contracts and prices, interact with multiple vendors and also invest in purchasing multiple hardware, software and license renewal. This is an expensive and time consuming task.
  • Agile infrastructure that identifies and fixes problems rapidly – hotel operations are mission-critical and a fully integrated hotel property management system ensures your software is robust, while the hardware is lean. With seamless integration between one module and the next, it is easier for your IT manage to locate issues if and when they arise, and fix them almost immediately.
  • Do away with nagging integration issues – single integrated software means, all the modules in your hotel ERP are seamlessly connected as they are developed by the same vendor. This means your staffs do not need to deal with time consuming integration hiccups that may stall their work.
  • Simplified cross-departmental coordination and workflow execution – single integrated hotel software allows for easy cross departmental and employee coordination in a hotel. It also makes for happier employees, as they interact with software that looks, feels and operates in a similar way across the entire hotel.