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Integrated Hospitality Management Software To Improve Ghana’s Hospitality Industry

The leading management software which caters for all the functional areas within the hospitality industry and ensures operational efficiency has been introduced in Ghana by the Ghanaian hospitality and tourism focused IT company,

The software, WINHMS, developed 12 years ago by Winsar Infosoft PVT of India, is a complete set of Hotel Management Systems designed to synchronize and standardize all essential activities of medium and large sized hotels and properties. The software, which also efficiently regulates large hotel chains, covers the needs of all key departments for better monitoring and control.

It also promotes operational efficiency that will lead to what the developers call “total guest gratification”, and provides management, especially hoteliers, value for money

WINHMS is designed to meet hoteliers’ need for an effective and efficient system that will ensure better revenue management; cost optimization and enhancement of profit.

It integrates all operational modules and links them to accounts modules in real time, and makes visible all ongoing activities in sales at front desk, hotel’s reservation system, spa management, golf management, back office accounts and so on.

The software which has been adopted by reputable hotels across the world including; Fairmont, Courtyard by Marriott, Accord, Holiday Inn, as well as Hotels in India, Ireland, Switzerland, Tanzania, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Oman, Kuwait, Muscat, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Uganda, Qatar, and soon, can potentially enhance hotel management in Ghana.

According to the developers, the leverage of WINHMS, coupled with its competitive price on the international market, makes it first choice for hoteliers.

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